Why Climbing Greenwood

Climbing Greenwood began when I became overwhelmed by the extra 6 generations I discovered in the maternal, maternal, maternal, paternal line of my family tree (try saying that three times fast!)

At first it wasn’t a blog.  It was just a way of conceiving of my family history project.  I had done genealogy before (this is my third start) but I had never gotten serious about it.  Instead I delighted in the enthusiasm of making discoveries and failed do a good job of keeping track of my finds or what I was doing.

After a month or two of working on Ancestry and talking to people via email during the fall of 2012, I started to get more serious. I attended two workshops at my local genealogical society to learn better process.  I started a binder where I could log my research and gather my documents.  And I decided I needed a venue to both share what I was learning and to digest it.  I want this to be a place where I can put together family stories, figure out best practices for research, confide frustrations, and make sense of all the information that I am receiving.

Climbing Greenwood is named Climbing Greenwood for several reasons.  First, it was in researching the lineage of Edward Greenwood that I made the leap from a tree that went back 6 or 7 generations at most to a line that goes back at least 13.  Second, I like the allusion to the spring growth of trees.  Greenwood.  It feels poetically suited to what I am trying to achieve now that I am moving beyond the ancestors and events already known to my family.  Third, I had to come up with something.  When I did my pre-blog research I found out that there were already three blogs out there titled with my first choice pick – so much for my cleverness and originality!

If you are reading this, I hope you will enjoy going on this journey with me.


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