Technical difficulties

My pictures are disappearing every time I preview a post — and now I am afraid to publish.  This couldn’t happen at a worse time.  A handful of people have actually noticed my blog (and a hearty thanks to those of you who have liked it, your support is very encouraging.)  So why technical difficulties now?  Here are my top three theories:

  1. My computer and WordPress are in a bad romance.  One ticked off the other and they are no longer talking to each other.
  2. Contrary to all advice on successful blogging, it is a really bad idea to include images with your text.
  3. The universe is telling me to stop writing.

Once I figure out how to keep my images from disappearing and my captions from turning into gobbly gook, I will return with my next post.  It is already polished and ready to go.  Fingers crossed that my pictures stay put soon…

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