Writer’s block

Dear readers and fellow writers,

I have been struggling with the blog.  I want to be posting weekly, at least.  And I keep finding myself with days passing by and no posts.  The problem is my process.  I haven’t figured out how to be inspired, research the relevant historical context, find all I can in my family tree, and put together a thoughtful response in a week or less.  And I have come to the realization that there is no way that I can at this point.

I love the blog.  It is great for me.  It keeps me focused, helps me learn what I know, and gives me a chance figure out how to communicate effectively.  But right now I am bogged down.

So what am I to do?

I think the answer is in my approach.  Who said blogposts have to be final products.  Only me.  To solve my problem I am going to try to get myself comfortable with breaking down the posts lingering on my computer.  Bits and pieces will have to go out the door.  Some will be about finding something inspiring in my tree.  Some will be about what I discover about the incident’s historical context.    Some will try to place my family in history.  Some will follow paper trails.  Some will be about how the past resonates in the present.  And some will poke at the injustices I see.  All these things seem related to me.  I am just too early in my project to know exactly how.  And I can’t keep waiting for myself to figure it out….

I am awed by the fact that people have discovered my blog.  There aren’t many of you, but you amaze me with your generosity, enthusiasm, and experience.  I don’t think that the changes I am suggesting will appear as humongous to you as they do to me.  But I am nervous that I won’t be as good as I was.  Still, I am guessing that you would probably take the side of my better self and say: well, let’s try it and see….

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