Tangled Root: Antoine Boisvert, 1779-1834

As I am researching cholera and its impact on my family, I realize that there are quite a few things I wish I could find out about Antoine Boisvert and his family that I don’t yet know how to find out.

  • I wish I knew who shared Antoine’s household. I would love to find a genealogy dictionary that covers 19th century Quebec.  I hear that the PRDH might be what I am looking for – and that there is a hard copy at a library about an hour away from me.  It might be time for a trip….
  • I wish I knew where Antoine lived in Ste. Croix, Lotbiniere – and if he lived close by any of the other victims of cholera from the 1830s.  I wonder if there are any maps out there that might help me.
  • I wish I knew if Ste. Croix and Lotbiniere are really the same place?  Is Ste. Croix the community’s parish name and Lotbiniere its civil one?
  • I wish I knew how to distinguish the Antoine Boisverts who shows up in the 1831 census of Ste. Croix.  There are 3.  I have ruled out the one with only 3 family members at home (Antoine, Joseph, Julien, and Antoine’s wife make 4 so this household is out.)  But the other two are nearly identical.  Antoine from page 5 has 10 family members at home and 85 of his 121 arpents of land are cultivated.  Antoine from page 9 has 11 family members at home and 54 of his 300 arpents of land are cultivated.  Which is my Antoine and how are they related?  Are these men brothers?  Cousins?
  • I wish I knew what happened to Antoine’s family after his death.  I know that his son (my ancestor) Hubert eventually left Ste. Croix.  Did older brothers get the homestead?  Is there a will that could help me figure this out?

If anyone has any tips on how to proceed, my ears are open!

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One thought on “Tangled Root: Antoine Boisvert, 1779-1834

  1. leslie frank says:

    Yvonne came through with some wonderful suggestions!
    She writes: Here are some suggestions that might help.

    “Endroits au Quebec Place” (http://www.francogene.com/quebec/tout2.php) is useful to find communities within their counties in the province of Quebec. When I searched for Ste-Croix, I found the town located in Lotbiniere county, that the community is aka Ste-Croix-de-Lotbniere, and that the name of the parish church is Ste-Croix (its records began in 1729).

    Although this next item isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, you might still be interested in the “Inventories after death” database of the national archives of Quebec (BAnQ) (http://www.banq.qc.ca/collections/genealogie/inst_recherche_ligne/index.html) Under “Notaries”, you’ll notice there are inventories for three regions.Choose the one for the judicial district of Quebec […], search for Antoine Boisvert, and you should get two results. When you look at your ancestor’s entry, you’ll notice that an inventory of his estate was done in Feb. 1835. The specifics aren’t online, though. I wonder if it’s worth writing to the BAnQ to see if you could get some kind of copy of that inventory?

    As for the PRDH (or, “Research Program in Demographic History”), it’s available online; most of it, though, requires a payment to view the results. It covers, in general, from 1621 to 1799. See http://www.genealogie.umontreal.ca/en/ , where you can search its database in multiple ways. (You’ll get transcriptions, not links to images of sacramental records, but these can be checked against what’s viewable at FamilySearch or at Ancestry in the Drouin Collection.)

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