Wishing Benoni Boisvert Dead

Ste. Croix parish cemetery, Lotbiniere, Quebec, Canada, 2012.  Photo taken by

Ste. Croix parish cemetery, Lotbiniere, Quebec, Canada, 2012. Photo taken by Daniel Labelle.

So I am digging around in the parish records of Ste. Croix and I find myself wishing Benoni Boisvert dead.  And why?  Because there are two of him and I only need one for my story.

How am I going to pick?  Both Benonies were born in 1810.  In fact, they were born two months apart: one to my GGGGgrandparents Antoine and Angel (Desrocher) Boisvert and the other to Joseph and Marie (Hamel) Boisvert.  They were probably cousins.

And one of them (only one) is a “bedeau” or beadle in the 1851 Canadian census for Ste. Croix.  And a beadle is a lay official in a church who might help with keeping order or civil functions. Being a beadle would explain why there is a Benoni Boisvert attending a good number of deaths when my ancestors were stricken with cholera in 1834.  Not just Boisvert deaths, but any death in the community.

And so I find myself in the regrettable position of wishing to find a short life in these parish records because how else will I find out if my ancestors were interred by Antoine’s son or his nephew if one of the Benonies doesn’t die off quick?

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2 thoughts on “Wishing Benoni Boisvert Dead

  1. LOL I love it. I have wished to find the death record of many of my ancestors, but never quite put it in that context.

  2. leslie frank says:

    Thanks for letting me know that I made you laugh! I was surprised to find myself wishing for a death record in this context too. I learn something new about myself every day….

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