165 Clicks for Family History

Signature of Antoine Boisvert, 3 January 1823.  Source: Ste. Croix parish records through  familysearch.org

Yesterday my desire to get to know Antoine Boisvert’s family overtook me.  I decided not to wait until I could get to the genealogy dictionary that I heard existed in a library an hours drive away.  Instead, I would do what I could do online: read the parish records from his community from 1806 when he wed to 1834 when he died.  I would pull from the baptisms and burials and learn of his family that way.  How hard could it be?  There were only 639 pages to click through on the roll available through familysearch.org

I tried anyway.

I started by lopping off the first 173 pages of the Ste. Croix, Lotbiniere, Quebec, Canada roll as this was where I discovered the start of 1806.  Later I figured out that the information is sometimes microfilmed repeatedly.  They must have done that for a reason and I have probably missed out on something because of my shortcut.  Still….

3 clicks in I found Antoine and Angel’s marriage record (23 August 1806).

14 clicks in I found the baptism of their first son: Joseph (20 April, 1808).

31 clicks in I found the baptism of their second son: Jean Baptiste Benoni (12 March, 1810).

78 clicks in I found the baptism of their third son: Godefroi (15 May 1814).

96 clicks in I found the baptism of my ancestor: Louis Hubert (27 March 1816).

121 clicks in I found the baptism for their fifth son: Julian (6 September 1818).

147 clicks in I found the baptism for their sixth son: Joseph Boisvert (18 September 1820).

160 clicks in I found the burial record for Antoine’s mother Louise Biron (2 May 1822).  I am surprised to learn that she is the widow of her husband.  Apparently I missed his record.

165 clicks in I found the baptism of their seventh son: Jean-Baptiste (3 January 1823).

With 301 clicks to go, I called it a night.

What I learned about my ancestors in 165 clicks:

  • Antoine and Angel (Desrocher) Boisvert had 7 sons by 1823.
  • Antoine was the son of a laborer working as a laborer in 1806.  Between 1814 and 1816, he became a farmer.
  • Louis Hubert Boisvert was born the same day as his cousin Louis Boisvert – no wonder my ancestor never went by his first name.
  • Antoine signs his name in the parish records for the first time in 1823.
  • Antoine and Angel were not above giving two living sons the same name.  They did it twice: Joseph (1808 and 1820) and Jean Baptiste (1810 and 1823).  Was this their way of telling their first sons that they weren’t good enough?  Or had they just run out of names they could agree on?
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2 thoughts on “165 Clicks for Family History

  1. This is pretty funny. Calculating like that, I could depress myself.

  2. leslie frank says:

    Sometimes I have to laugh to keep from crying. 😉 I am glad you enjoyed this post.

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