My Ancestors’ Church is for Sale!


Postcard from @ 1913. Source: Wiki Commons.

My ancestors lived in Pittsfield from 1896 until sometime in the 1930s.  Today their church, Notre Dame, is for sale.  For $350,000 you can buy the building where my ancestors’ births, marriages, and deaths were celebrated.



It has been listed for over 6 months — so maybe you can get a deal.  It is close to downtown and despite its obvious potential as a remade church, someone with vision could turn it into a great community or arts space too.



I have no idea why Notre Dame is being sold (though I have some guesses….)  And I have no idea where the remaining Greenwood descendents (distant cousins I met through the internet) worship now, if they still do.

Everywhere I look, new mysteries are popping up in my family history.  It is spring and I have many stories to pursue….

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4 thoughts on “My Ancestors’ Church is for Sale!

  1. It is a very beautiful building.

  2. leslie frank says:

    Yes, I thought so too. Ornate and intimate.

  3. Gorgeous. It would be so neat to buy it and turn it into a house-slash-something (whatever your interest or business is). Especially with the history involved.

  4. leslie frank says:

    That would be totally awesome! Alas, I neither live close by nor have the cash….

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