Wishy-Washy Racial Categories

Source: family photo

Photo credit: family photo

In 1881, Massachusetts Labor Statistics Commissioner Carroll Davidson Wright declared French Canadians, such as my GG grandparents, “the Chinese of the Eastern States.”  I guess my Korean-born adoptive kids are not the first Asians in my maternal family line….


Want more on adoption and genealogy, try this post: Can adoption and genealogy mix?

Want more on anti-French Canadian bias in 19th century MassachusettsI hope to get more up soon (ie. in the next few weeks.)

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6 thoughts on “Wishy-Washy Racial Categories

  1. chmjr2 says:

    My mother’s side of the family was French Canadian. Also my wife’s mother’s side was also. They worked in the mills and as farm hands.

  2. GRANT DAVIS says:

    Welcome to Geneabloggers!

    Regards, Grant

  3. Leslie, I really enjoyed discovering your blog today, thanks to a mention in GeneaBloggers. I look forward to reading more, exploring the stories, gaining a sense of your process, and enjoying a fellow researcher’s progress. Best wishes as you continue this blogging project.

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