It was there all along!

Gilles Pinel was the godfather of Suzanne Nepveu! This means that he did know Suzanne’s mother, Anne Leodet, when she was married to her first husband, Jean.  Gilles was a part of their lives.  Before.

He knew Anne before her first husband was convicted of bigamy and she was left with two newly illegitimate daughters to raise on her own.

Even better, Gilles continued to be a part of Anne’s life after.  He married her in 1657, just before Suzanne turned two-years-old.

Source: Screenshot from

The phrase that troubled me. Source: Screenshot from

Last week I was trying to make this link with Suzanne’s baptism record but I couldn’t.  I was frustrated because Latin and inkblots made the record indecipherable to me.  I couldn’t be sure that “patrinus fuit [a???diuf] [inkblot] Pinel” said “the godfather is Gilles Pinel.”  It was too big of a leap for me.

But this week I saw a teeny tiny excerpt from an online preview of Le Registre de Sillery, 1638-1690, edited by Leo-Paul Hebert that mentioned “conjugibus [married couple] Aegidio Pinel et [and] Anna Ledepte.”  And it jogged my mind.  That scribble that started with an “A” could be Gilles, not the inkblot that looks like it might start with a “G.”

I confirmed it using Google translate.  Aegidio (what I saw in the excerpt) and Aegidius (what I now see in the baptism record) both translate in Latin as Giles.

Source: screenshot of Google translate


Ahh.  It is so nice to have another mystery solved!

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