“Who is the awesome-ist in our family?” my five-year-old asked me as we rode together in the car.

Knowing that this was an invitation to wade into the deepest of sibling debates, I responded with an evasive, “I am.”

Of course, I was wrong. “No, I am the awesome-ist,” my daughter continued. “[My older siblings] say I am not, but I am.”

This got me thinking about how we all think we are the awesome-ist. Every single one of us. Which is a great way to think, as long as we keep in mind that so are the rest of our fellow human beings.

We can’t use our awesomeness against each other. It doesn’t give us a reason to have the most or to always get our way.

Our awesome-ness is grounded in our uniqueness. It is not superiority and it is not cookie- cutter, rubber-stamping, everyone’s a winner-ing.

We are blessed by being and becoming. We are molded by accident of genetics and experience. We are each awesome in our own special way.

We should share our talents, our joy, and our unique ways of seeing with each other. We should celebrate the living we do. We should not forget our childlike faith in being the awesome-ist. We should use that joy to pursue big dreams and to resist the temptation to hold grudges.

Imagine if everyone believed in their self and knew their contribution was valued.

I would love to live in a world that resisted labeling. Being “best” doesn’t help any one of us. It discourages the non-best from becoming better and the “best” from growing more. It often gets in the way of feeling joy.

We each matter. It is much more important that our stories connect and that we support each other in our living.

I tried to speak with my five-year-old about this. She decided that nobody is the awesome-ist. Cars are. Thanks to cars we don’t have to walk so much.

But I disagree with her about the value of cars. We live, we are unique, and we are awesome (and so are you!)


Still haven’t found any time to research– or to determine who was the longest lived or most famous ancestor in my family tree. But I am happy to be in the thick of raising the next generation. I am not the awesome-ist at it, but our time together is pretty great. ☺

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2 thoughts on “Awesome

  1. chmjr2 says:

    We all have talents as you said. We are awesome when we use and share our talents. A very nice post.

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