Mother-Daughter Grins & Giggles

Have you ever noticed that some of your great grand ancestors with those amazingly large families often had years of overlapping fertility among mother and daughters?

In my family tree Anne Leodet and her eldest daughter Barbe Nepveu shared four pregnancies.  In 1669, they both had sons.  In 1671, they both had daughters.  In 1673 and 1675, they both had sons again.  

They always lived in the same community as one another and so I imagine that this was a bonding experience for them.  What I love about this story is the part in 1671, when they both not only had daughters, but they both also named their daughters after themselves.  This wasn’t a big deal for Barbe — she had already named her first child, a son, after her husband and would do so again with her last child shortly after her husband’s namesake died in an accident — but it marked a big change for Anne who hadn’t named a child after herself or her husband until this ninth birth (her 7th daughter.)  

What inspired Anne to change her naming pattern and finally name a child after herself?  Perhaps it was just the luck of delivering a daughter three months after her own daughter did.  But I think I can hear Barbe in the background: “come on, Mom, be modern. Name your daughter after yourself too!”

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One thought on “Mother-Daughter Grins & Giggles

  1. I hadn’t really noticed that, but I’ll be on the look out for it.

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