Defined: Descendancy Research

I came across a young blog that has a great graphic comparing ancestral research with descendancy research (going up with going down). The concept of descendancy is new to me and I like it. I like the idea of taking a first in the family and working down from origins into the family story (though I doubt I would have the patience to tease out more than three generations at a time.) Descendancy offers a fascinating opportunity to look into what opportunities were taken and what kind of lives were made and what kind of luck was had. It connects our family stories into the web of historical possibilities.
I also like this concept of descendancy because it is another form of glue between me and the people I meet through genealogy with whom I share an ancestor. I am fascinated to learn how far flung we are and the similarities and variations of our lives. When you only look up — never out or down — you miss a lot of magic.


gg defined- descendancy research

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4 thoughts on “Defined: Descendancy Research

  1. Thank you for reblogging this. I have a post scheduled for next week that tells a pretty cool story about some descendancy research I worked on this past year.

  2. You are welcome — and i will be looking for your next post. Good luck with your blog!

  3. Descendancy research goes along with researching collateral lines. You will learn a lot more about your family and find more records by doing this type of research. For example, if your ancestor died before death records where mandatory but one of the siblings lived longer, more information can be gleaned from the collateral lines. In addition, researching descendants is helpful if you ever work with DNA and genealogy. The DNA research is basically pointless if you haven’t researched descendants from a common ancestor.

    • Maybe descendancy research can get me past my Adele Charbonneau roadblock! It already gave me an extra name — but I am having trouble locating a few of her children’s records. Maybe more effort there will help.

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