Fighting the Odds

360x640I ran across an interesting fact in Elizabeth Gilbert’s historic novel The Signature of All Things.  1816 was “The Year Without a Summer” because ash flew into the stratosphere and remained there for months following the eruption of an Indonesian volcano.  This fascinated me because my great great grandfather, Louis Hubert Boisvert, whose family had resided in Ste. Croix for five generations but who himself moved on sometime after his father’s death of cholera in 1834 and before he married ten years later in Kingsey Falls, was born in 1816.

I thought: wow, what a tough year to survive.  Infants are incredibly vulnerable.  Nearby Quebec saw twelve inches of snow that June.  Crops must have been damaged, food must have been scarce, but Louis Hubert, who was born in March, lived on until 1866.

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One thought on “Fighting the Odds

  1. Infants are so fragile, he must have been a strong little fellow.

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