Tangled Root: Claire Greenwood

Ancestry.com is offering U.S. census searches for free through July 6.  And with a couple of quick searches I came close to solving a photo mystery.

gen_dobbins family after church copy

Minnie (Greenwood) Dobbins surrounded by her three daughters, two sons-in law, five of her six grandchildren, and Claire Greenwood.  Source: family photo, @1955.

My mom knows the name of everyone in this photo.  Standing (left to right): Claire Greenwood, William Tully, Minnie (Greenwood) Dobbins, Sheldon Reed, Mary Dobbins, and Gertrude (Dobbins) Tully.  The only adult crouched below is my mom’s mother, Lillian (Dobbins) Reed, surrounded by her three daughters and near two of Gert and Bill’s three kids.  (You know who you are — but I didn’t identify you since you are living.  Grin.)

My mom also knows that this photo was taken in Pittsfield, Massachusetts one Sunday after church — and that some of the kids were quick and untamed and managed to change into their play clothes before the adult plan for the photograph could be carried out.

What Mom doesn’t know is how Claire Greenwood is related to everyone else. With Ancestry’s help, I found a clue.

Source: Ancestry.com

Source: Ancestry.com

Although the image is faded, it lists Clara Greenwood as the three year old daughter of Fred and Lizzie Greenwood of Adams, MA in 1880.  That makes Clara a cousin to Minnie as their fathers were brothers (who married on the same day in 1871.)

The only problem I have left is the fact that Clara looks to be the age-peer of Minnie’s daughters — not three years younger than Minnie herself.  So is the Claire in the photo above a well-preserved, spinster cousin?  Is she the daughter of the Clara in the census’ brother, a namesake niece?  Or is she someone else altogether different?

Got a theory?  I would love to hear it.

Oh, and any labeling errors are mine (I didn’t run the picture past my mom before posting.)

Update: I labeled everyone wrong, which I explain here.  Basically, I switched Claire Greenwood and Gert Tully around.

Update II: Claire Greenwood married into the family.  She is Minnie’s elder brother, Edward’s son Arthur’s wife.  She is not a long lost connection to Eduoard Boisvert’s sibling line.  Drat.  🙂  But she was a beloved family member that my mom’s family saw whenever they visited Pittsfield.

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